It’s been a tad quiet over here in blog-land, this past week has been quite busy with all sorts of random things on the go, but hopefully over the holiday’s I’ll be putting up a few more tutorials and posts!  In the meantime, I’ve put together a few before/afters of some of my recent images. I have a terrible habit of deleting images from my camera to save space  so I don’t tend to keep a lot of the before photos….must get in the habit of doing that!

All of the before images are before I’ve done the expansion, adding in about 10-20 more images to expand the frame and get more space to work with.



6 thoughts on “Before/Afters

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how much difference the expansion of the picture made! I’d always just assumed you did all this in one shot.
    Wonderful work, Joel. : )

    I’ve started showing ‘before’ pictures on my blog. It’s neat to go back and look at the original pictures.

    Unique and Powerful Male Artwork
    Michael Taggart Photography

  2. Joel, thanks for posting. I notice that for a lot of your miniatures, you use a simple background so it’s easier to replace. How did cut yourself out of the second to last one so seamlessly? I’ve been experimenting with numerous background replacement tools but nothing looks as good as this.

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